Error Handling

On a successful API call, the API will return a status code of 200 and the output that has been created. Multiple outputs will be returned in an array.

You will received the following message for a wrong API key.

"Authorized": "Nope"

The possibility of a blank output is increased when a poor input is given. This follows the 'garbage in/garbage out' mantra. When multiple outputs are returned, there is also the chance for one of these to return blank. We'll be making use case examples for how to limit this happening.

Most of the time that poor outputs are given, it is due to human error. If you feel that you are providing good inputs and still receiving something unexpected, reach out to us.

The other error message if something is wrong with your request will be the following;

    "message": "Workflow did error."

If you receive that error message, please check that everything is set up correctly with your API call.

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