Concerns with Automating AI

Some of the safety / ethical concerns with proviidng an API for AI technology.

Using artificial intelligence / GPT technologies for automation can have a massive impact. There are also big safety and ethical concerns we should layout in the hope that you take them onboard and think about the bigger picture. This technology can really speed up your workflows but in the hands of bad actors. It can cause harm.

There are certain use cases that we do not allow the API to be used for. API keys found creating such content will be immediately terminated.

  • Fake news / conspiracy theories - the creation or spreading of fake news or conspiracy theories utilizing our technology is not allowed.

  • Predatory practices - MLM / Pyramid schemes and loansharking suck. Get another way to make a living if you are involved in these.

  • Illegal content - Anything which is deemed illegal in your jurisdiction is not permitted. We are all adults and can use this technology as adults but draw a line here.

  • Spam - Using this technology to create relentless spam, be it emails, newsletters or social media requests on a large scale is not allowed without prior approval to ensure best practices are in place.

Due to our nature of creating customized models for our customers, we tend to get to know a wide variety of users and what they want. What has come to our attention is the need for expertise in sensitive areas. We are the first to admit that the AI is not perfect every time. There can be and will be wild outputs. Your expertise ensures that these are eliminated when more sensitive matters are involved.

We are big proponents of the right to experiment and try to find solutions for customers who have specific needs which do not fall under our disallowed use cases or are not illegal.

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