Email Detective Description

The Email Detective endpoints enables you to search for any domain. You can find details on email addresses and social accounts from that domain which you can then use for your outbound campaigns.

We don't advise to use these endpoints for straight up spam. We don't advise you to add these addresses to lists on Mailchimp or similar and will ban / block anyone who we see doing this.

All of the emails found via the Email Detective are from publicly available sources but can speed up your ability to get them and to contact a decision maker.

Through our years of experience of running successful outbound sales campaigns, we advise to personalize every single outreach and also to provide value to the person you are contacting. Doing this increases your chances of success and having a wider conversation.

Failing to do this and just doing spammy mails is likely to have your email and URL blacklisted and put on spam lists so that your future emails wherever they may be will have a higher likelihood of automatically being put in SPAM folders.

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