Creating Blogs with AI

Blog writing need not be difficult and AI is really changing the game in terms of helping you to get words on a page quicker than ever before. We want our tools to be used responsibly and creating blog content with AI is something we love to provide to our users but please do not use it for spam / creating large amounts of garbage.

We're pretty liberal over here at Content Villain but we do check our logs and if do deem that spammy content is going on, we have the right to revoke access.

One of our favorite sayings is that a bad copywriter using AI is still going to produce bad content. This is not a magic bullet but for someone skilled in copywriting it can increase productivity a heck of a lot and we're proud of saving our customers time.

You are probably thinking, sounds good, how do I keep on the right side of this? It is pretty simple. AI should always only be used as an assistant which means outputs should be manually checked and content structured in a way that makes sense.

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