Using AI for Ideas

Sometimes just getting that spark is enough to get going with something. Whether it be an idea for a blog, an idea for a business or an idea for how to market your brand. Use these endpoints to get the ideas that you need and stop procastinating.

It is worth remembering that as we all lead busier and busier lives, ideas are harder to come by. You often find that if you are too busy to even think clearly, you won't be able come up with creative ideas or solve problems. Quite often the best ideas come when you slow down so if you take a bus or a taxi to the supermarket, perhaps walk back and see what happens or spend a bit longer in the shower. This time to think helps you generate solid ideas.

Of course, I understand why you are here though. Making use of technology to get ideas is also valid in 2021 and we want to make that process as easy as possible.

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